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I Was Embarrassed — And I Don’t Get Embarrassed

How To Glide Through Your Day Like A Pro


Do you know this person?

He was invited to the dinner that the company held every year.

And he was seated next to his new boss. How lucky!

“I knew the basic idea… start with the outside fork and work my way in. Except, I don’t know what happened. They served in the wrong order, or I picked up the wrong instrument, Even today I’m not sure what went wrong. But my mistake went from bad to worse, because I decided to clean off my fork (in my mouth), put it back on the table, and pick up the correct one. And after I finished that I looked up and saw that my new boss had watched the whole thing.”

Yes, that really happened. To me. It was one of the 2 most embarrassing events in my professional life.

Here’s the other one. Warning — it’s bad.

I was working for a software company and spent all weekend making a demonstration for a potential new customer in California. This was The Show — big room, big screen, lots of Vice Presidents and Senior Directors. I fired up my laptop for my turn in the 4-man presentation and… nothing. It just would not work.

I could tell you that I was exhausted, or frustrated, or some other excuse. But it doesn’t change what happened next – I started apologizing. Over and over. I apologized for myself, I asked them not to blame the other people presenting with me. I could not shut up. We did not win the deal. I helped us lose the deal.

I can laugh at these 2 stinkers now. But they should have never happened, and they cost me a lot of potential success at those 2 companies.

Too bad I didn’t know Sindy Martin back then.

How to Choose the Right Trainer

Let me tell you about you.

You probably work in HR, or maybe in a college Career Office. Even if I’m wrong about the department, the main point is that your job is to help other people do well in their jobs.

And now you need to hire a trainer. This part of your job is high-stakes —  for you and for the people you’re trying to help.

Choosing a trainer of etiquette, professional behavior, or presentations can be tough.

–  Will she be entertaining?

–  What if the training doesn’t stick?

–  What if I hire the wrong person, and I get blamed for it?

The key to hiring someone to teach these vital skills is to make sure the person matches everything on your checklist.


Does she have decades of experience? Check. Sindy has been doing this for 26 years.

Was she trained in the best places? Check. Sindy was trained in England and California.

Does she connect with the audience? Check. Sindy brings her Southern warmth and crisp public speaking skills to every group. And she has the filmed testimonials to prove it.

Is she a good match for my folks? Maybe. Sindy specializes in:

o    Sales teams

o    Adults of all ages and roles who want to learn how to conduct themselves at the table

o    People who need help with high-stakes presentations (like me)

o    Corporate teams that need to bring harmony and professional behavior to the workplace

A Proven Success

87% of Sindy’s clients found her through a referral. Why? Because she makes people better professionals, better presenters, better table companions. And she makes people like you, the people who book her, into heroes.

Plus, if you sit in on the training, you could even position yourself for that promotion or new job you’ve been eyeing. It happens. Thick bundles of letters and referrals show that Sindy gives people the edge when they want to get into graduate school, get a job after college, get the sale, or get promoted. 9 out of 10 graduates from Sindy’s training confirm that it improved their income and job prospects.

You, and the people you help, can join those groups of successful people.

From Fancy Table To Starbucks

What can you learn when you hire Sindy?

You learn how to comport yourself at any table, any time. Even if that table is a convention booth, the Starbucks table where your customer is sitting, or a hiring manager’s desk. Even if that table is overseas. Including what to do with your hands, feet, cell phone and iPad.

Your folks can also learn how to conduct yourself in everyday business. Learn the guidelines for what to wear, what to say, and how to phrase your written communications. See how to exude professionalism with your brand, whether that’s your company brand or your personal brand.

And when the big dollars are on the line, learn how to create and deliver winning presentations.

Instant ROI

It’s rare to get such a big return on an investment.  But it happens every day, around the USA and especially in North Carolina, where Sindy is ready is talk to you about your challenges. She can tell you what others have struggled with and how she solved their problem when they needed to book an etiquette trainer.

Global Experience

Sindy is an internationally recognized Professionalism and Etiquette Expert with more than 30 years of business experience and extensive etiquette training.


Sindy’s formal educational background includes Lucie Clayton’s in London, England, American Business Etiquette Training Association (ABETA), International Business Professionalism Training Association (IBPTA), and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Go To The Next Level

Take your professionalism to the executive level by experiencing Sindy Martin’s unique and strategically combined blend of Business Professionalism, American & International Business Etiquette, Comportment, Protocol, Sales and Bid Presentation Skills.


Her client roster includes many Fortune 500 companies including Aramark, Aetna, American Express, Lincoln Financial, Lowes Home Improvement, Mack Trucks, Merz Pharmaceutical, State Farm Insurance, United Health Care, and Volvo.


Sought After

Sindy is a sought after speaker, trainer and consultant to colleges, universities, associations and national conferences.


She regularly appears as a featured guest on radio and television programs and is a requested author for various articles for newspapers, magazines and blogs. She is the author of Smartin-Up Your Professionalism in 365 Tweets and Are You a Duck, an Elephant or a Mouse? How Are You Perceived When You Walk Into A Room? (Scheduled for release December 2014.)


Sindy has lived in and traveled eight countries around the world. She currently lives in High Point, North Carolina with her husband, 2 dogs and 2 cats. She has two grown children and one grandchild.

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From what to say… to which fork to use, Sindy can help you communicate and

act more professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it increase my income?

Absolutely! The one with the best manners wins the job, the account and the sale.

Why is professionalism and etiquette important?

Etiquette is basically behavior that is accepted as gracious and polite in social situations. Professionalism is the knowledge and use of proper protocol in a specific situation. Knowing and using good manners and proper protocol can mean the difference between success and failure in many aspects of life.

Would training my staff improve the culture of our department?

Having a program presented by someone outside of your company that reinforces the behavior, dress code and use of electronics spelled out in the Employee Handbook, reminds every one of the expectations of the company. It creates the “good” kind of peer pressure.

How would it help my sales staff?

The sales people will benefit the most from a refresher on proper protocol, basic manners and dining etiquette.  Research shows that we notice other people’s poor manners before our own, and that plays a major role (55%) in whether we will do business with them.  If you want to increase your bottom line, this is your number one priority!

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